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Krinitza - The State Kuban Cossack Song Ensemble

The ensemble was founded in 1994 on the base of the Krasnodar State University of Culture and Arts. Due to the victory at the Second All-Russia State Television Contest "The Voices of Russia" the ensemble acquired the status of a group and today it works on a professional level in the Regional State Theatre - Concert institution "Premjera", under the direction of the Krasnodar Territory Culture Department.

The group comprises of 18 young artists(the average age 25).Everybody is professionally skilled and can not only sing, dance and play different folk instruments, but combine, decipher and arrange rare samples of folk songs as ell. his is the explanation for the ensemble repertoire to sound so vivid and ovely. Krinitsa's performances are unforgettably spectacular. At the concert program you will have an opportunity to hear not only traditional folk music, but also the modern arranged Kuban songs, performed with the synthesized sounds and modern rythms being added. The stage costumes bring special effect to the program. The men wear Kuban Cossacks' traditional fotigue uniforms and the women's costumes are presented by a talently achieved stylization of Cossack women's traditional outfit. The outfit of those, belonging to linear, Black Sea and Nekrasov's Cossacks.

The ensemble "Krinitsa" is a personification of a free spirit, charm, talent, sparkling youth and the Russian's pearl, Kuban, beauty. The ensemble comprises of 20 people, aged 25.

The group has its own bus.

The ensemble disposes of its own sound strengthening equipment.

The program duration is 100 minutes.

The concert floor dimensions are not limited.

The scene is fully lighted.

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